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  • Can the skin be damaged?

    18 April at 14:55 from atlas

    Electrolysis is an invasive process and therefore there will be some redness and or slight swelling associated with the process. Depending on the type of electrolysis treatment and the area being treated tiny scabs can form over the treated follicle. They are a perfectly normal part of the process and will not leave any permanent damage to the skin, as long as you don't pick at them, scratch them, and cause them to become infected. The tiny scabs are a part of the healing process and they ensure that the skin will repair itself perfectly. If the type of treatment and the particular area develops these scabs, they generally appear on the third day and can last between 3 and 5 days normally. Exceptions would be the treatment regime required by the client i.e. The speed and size of the area to be cleared.

    Many clients report a significant improvement to their skins look and texture after the treatment process to an area has been completed. This is particularly noticeable after hair removal on the male face and neck.


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