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  • What is electrolysis?

    18 April at 14:58 from atlas

    There are 3 different forms of electrolysis: Galvanic, Thermolysis (most popular) and blend. ...

  • Does it hurt?

    18 April at 14:58 from atlas

    There is always a sensation associated with electrolysis. It depends a lot on the individual's tolerance to pain, the process being ...

  • How long does it take?

    18 April at 14:57 from atlas

    Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal process that takes time, once the follicle within, that germinates a new hair, has been ...

  • What area of the body can be treated?

    18 April at 14:56 from atlas

    Virtually any area can be treated with electrolysis with the exception of inside ears and nose. ...

  • Can the skin be damaged?

    18 April at 14:55 from atlas

    Electrolysis is an invasive process and therefore there will be some redness and or slight swelling associated with the process. ...

  • What measures do you take for infection control?

    18 April at 14:54 from atlas

    At Just ASK Permanent Hair Removal we use only 'single-use pre-sterilized needles' for each session and follow all accepted standards of ...

  • Can I have electrolysis if I am pregnant?

    18 April at 14:54 from atlas

    If you are pregnant or suspect a pregnancy, you need to consult your doctor before beginning or continuing your electrolysis treatment. ...

  • Can I have electrolysis if I have a pacemaker or other metallic implant?

    18 April at 14:53 from atlas

    A letter from your doctor is required authorizing us to treat you and the method of electrolysis that can be used within an area.


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